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Get your Investigative Services Done Right

Fast. Confidential. Professional.

The Investigative Resources Milwaukee Wisconsin office location provides process service and other legal services for the banking, landlord, insurance, and legal industries as well as private individuals. Our legal services include, but are not limited to, process service, skip trace, document research and retrieval, and court filing. We have worked with many businesses and lawyers on multiple serves and can provide rush serves whenever needed.


Investigative Resources detectives are trained to be familiar with the geography, law enforcement agents, and courts in Southeastern Wisconsin, as well as all other major cities in the state of Wisconsin. We are also nationally networked through the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and other investigative associations to service clients who have investigative needs anywhere in the country.


Investigative Resources was started in 2001 by veteran Private Investigator Tim Petersdorff who had been licensed in Wisconsin since 1990 as well as Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. In 2008, Tim Petersdorff was featured in the September Milwaukee Magazine article "S is for Stakeout".  


Investigative Resource's vision is a dedication to Personalization and Professionalism. The private detectives at Investigative Resources hold integrity and customer care in the highest regard. From the moment we receive the call, through the process conducting our investigation, we maintain ethical standards for each and every task. We make sure our clients’ documents and reports are properly prepared, maintain contact about status updates, and provide proof of service to all necessary parties by mail, email, or fax. 

  • Process Service

  • Workman’s Comp Surveillance

  • Domestic Surveillance

    • Child Custody

    • Cheaters

  • Criminal Defense

  • Skip Tracing

  • SIU investigations

  • Court Filing

  • Property and Vehicle Repossession

  • Patent Enforcement

  • Document Research and Retrieval

  • Employee Termination Security

  • Government Investigations

    • Child Care Investigation

    • Elder Care Investigation

    • Welfare Fraud Investigation

  • Executive Protection

  • Collections 

  • Notary Public


Have you ever hired a private investigator? For most, the answer is no. As a result, there is always numerous questions about taking the next step. Our experienced team will help reduce some of this stress and guide you to make the right decision about your case. Many times suggestions are given as to steps you can take on your own before accruing any costs. We are with you every step of the way and believe in communication throughout the case at the level that you, the client are comfortable with. Call us today!


When hiring a private investigator make sure of the following:

•    In Wisconsin, must have a company license.

•    In Wisconsin, each private investigator under their license must have an individual license.

•    Make sure they have a physical location or willing to meet with you in person.

•    Operating a safe and secure way for you to pay.

•    In Wisconsin, the agency must be insured and be able to provide proof of insurance.


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